New line of KIN toothbrushes

We renew the image of KIN Toothbrushes, further reinforcing their quality and working towards a greater sustainability.

At Laboratorios KIN we are committed to innovation, sustainability and new technologies, designing products that adapt to the current needs of people.

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More vibrant and fresher designs

New features


More resistant

Made of a co-polyester plastic that offers a greater resistance and flexibility

More attractive

More vibrant and fresher designs, in line with KIN's new brand identity

More sustainable

100% recyclable packaging and cap. 14% reduction in plastic.

More up to date

Toothbrushes specially designed for a new generation of consumers.


Because sustainability matters

Lighter toothbrush thanks to a 14% plastic reduction.

Recyclable cap and packaging

100% recyclable packaging and cap. Pilippropylene (PP) cap. PET blister and recycled cardboard from sustainable sources.


Single-material toothbrush

Just only one type of plastic, the co-polyester, a material that offers a greater strength and flexibility compared to other plastic materials.

Smaller head:
It allows greater access to all areas within the oral cavity.

A toothbrush for each need

Post-surgical, Soft, Extra-soft, Medium, Gums, Hard and Orthodontics.

A complete range of different hardnesses that adapt to each type of need. Available in four appealing colors.


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